Fencing School

"An active and vibrant club in the heart of the Jordaan area."

the trainers

Liset Reinecke

Liset earned her degree as a fencing instructor in 2021 in Ghent.

Marijn de Jong

"I try to put in my epee lessons the flexibility of the foil and the explosiveness of the saber. I have been a full-time trainer and coach at several fencing clubs since 2011."

Bert van Til

"What fascinates me about fencing is the physical dialogue between two people that is constantly changing. That makes fencing a fast-paced and Olympic sport. I have been practicing this sport for 50 years and have been teaching and giving workshops to individuals and groups for 30 years."

Jan Dirk Burger

"How you screen says a lot about who you are. Offensive, defensive, creative, functional..... Fencing is a mirror at the most basic level: how do you handle tension? Are you in control of your own impulses?"

We are more than proud of all our students we help to enjoy and improve their fencing. We look forward to many new future members in the years to come. 

The sport of fencing

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the weapons


The saber is a striking and stabbing weapon. Fencing with the saber is an Olympic sport for both women and men. Hits can be inflicted with the point, the cutting edge and the flat sides of the weapon. The valid hit area consists of the torso (above the waist), the head and the arms. Saber fencing is characterized by smooth competition and many attacks on the opponent. Everything above the (imaginary) belt is hitting surface, excluding both hands.


The epee most closely resembles the classic dueling weapon. Fencing with the epee is an Olympic sport for both women and men. The epee is also a stabbing weapon and relatively inflexible. Valid hits can only be inflicted with the point. The valid hit area covers the entire body. Attack and defense have an equally important role.


The floret is a stabbing weapon with a flexible blade that originally served as a training weapon. Because there were too many deaths and injuries while practicing with saber or epee, the floret was invented. Now fencing with the floret is an Olympic sport for both women and men. Valid hits can only be made with the point. The valid hit plane consists only of the torso.