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Within the association we have different forms of membership. Every member of Fencing School De Jordaan is a member of the KNAS.

Youth membership up to 18 years
€ 300 per calendar year, or € 25 per month

Adult membership from 19 years of age
€420 per calendar year, or €35 per month

Student membership
€ 336 per calendar year, or € 28 per month

Aspirant membership (includes 2 free trial lessons)
Adults, membership fee first 2 months € 50,00
Youth, membership fee first 2 months € 35,00
Student, membership fee first 2 months € 40,00

Parents for whom the cost of membership is too high can apply to the Youth Fund Sport & Culture:

KNAS Membership
Membership in the KNAS is necessary for every fencer as the collective liability and accident insurance allows you to fence without worries. In addition, it offers many other benefits: participation in matches and competitions, courses and training. You contribute to keeping our sport accessible.

For contest information visit

Senior membership from 21 years of age € 69.60 per calendar year
Youth membership up to 20 years of age € 34.80 per calendar year

KV The Palm Membership
Membership of Children's Association The Palm for maintenance of building The Palm. Membership is € 20.00 per calendar year.

To enrol

You can hand the completed registration form to the teacher during the training or scan it and email it to You can also use the online form on the website.

Once received and processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration from the association.

Termination of membership
The term of notice for membership is 3 months. In special cases the board may decide to deviate from this. A special case could be moving to another city due to work or study, or a serious injury. Termination is done in writing.


If you do not have fencing clothing and equipment, then the first year you can use the clothing and fencing materials of the association (once you become a member become a memberdt do buy a handshoe). You pay €5 per month for this. After the first year you buy a weapon and a fils de corps. Mask and vest can remain huren for €7.50 per month.